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I would like to know more about becoming a LEARN mentor.

As a LEARN mentor, you build your tribe, share what you have learned and build a talent pool around you.

As a mentor, you can teach anything which can be hosted on Github, run as a small community, make students learn and grow, allow students to work from remote, data science, marketing, design anything etc.

There are a number of reasons why you should join LEARN as a mentor. This is a global program so you can imagine impact. There is currently a talent deficit and skill gap in working methodologies and how our industries have been operating. We wish to bring a change in attitude with this community. You get to train students online on projects, which benefit everyone and create a pool of talent which you can use on your further endeavours, experiments or existing project.

As of now, Muellners Foundation is not paying mentors. Mentors are generally global citizens of Serenity, who are voluntarily organised. But there are other benefits mentoring in learn program. Your students can strongly contribute and help in your open source projects/initiatives. You create a community that identifies use cases and propel your open source project.

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