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About Muellners Foundation Campus

Our global campus is currently set up under the aegis of an umbrella Foundation.

You can find more information about the Muellners Foundation at the home page.

The open source school is deployed on the Open Constitution network, which you can access here.

Learn Fellowship, a professional training and skill development program.

The Foundation also maintains an inter-continental exchange program that promotes collaboration and learning across borders. If you're interested in professional training and skill development, you may want to check out our apprenticeship program. The apprenticeship covers various disciplines, including Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and more. These courses are carefully designed with the help of human-augmented AI on the Open Constitution network.

At our School, we believe in providing internationally recognized skill certification based on best practices in qualification standards. We also collaborate with universities and IT training schools to ensure a comprehensive learning experience for our students. If you're affiliated with one of our Training Partners or want to join us as an E Tenant on the Open Constitution AI network, we encourage you to register through the Open Bank Portal.

We are here to support your educational journey every step of the way!

The Open Source Foundation aims to train at least 1 million humans from low and middle income  countries


You can now ''Sentient Bot AI'' to perform network Search and follow up on questions about anything on the network.

Our peer-reviewed knowledge base powers the Search, and although experimental, we can tell that this human-augmented AI hallucinates less. This generative AI service is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform.

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