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For Universities, Training Partners and Schools

Institutional Access to Tenancy Keys

For Universities, High Schools, Professional Schools, Research Institutions, Open Learning Schools, and E-learning Platforms for registration of affiliated student members on the network’s beneficiary registry.

Affiliated beneficiaries like students and faculty can then use Trust keys to access any digital resources and to manage data residency and social finance services deployed on the Open Constitution AI network, a digital commons infrastructure.

Placing a request activates an E Residency lease for each affiliated (natural person) beneficiary of the University, Training partners and schools.
The request provides access to the network resources;

  • Activates a beneficiary membership account with the Trust fiscal host in your local jurisdiction.

  • Each natural person receives a right-to-use and entitlement grant to Open Constitution AI Network Digital Resources and intellectual property rights. A natural person can manage data residency using these entitlements.

  • Member access to Organizational Tenant offers & benefits. 

  • E residency benefits of the natural person also include:

    E Residency access to

  • CouncilPost journal

  • Sentient Bot

  • Jobs and bounties on the network. Read about Campus placements.


  • Signs up a natural person for privileged access to adopted charters of the Foundation.

  • E-residents acquire a wallet that holds a community token to participate in the ballot.

  • Gets member-privileged access to Electoral Charter

  • Activation of E residency universal franchise – you get one vote.

  • A member can control Open Treasury proposals and resolutions.

  • A member can self-govern the network and steer proposals.


  • This request requires self-ID verification. Verification takes place when an affiliated natural person claims their E residency account.

  • The request requires consent to the Open Constitution AI network’s Global Statutes and Articles of Association. Each affiliated beneficiary signs up to the AI Network Self-Governance agreement when claiming their accounts.

  • The request registers natural persons with the local membership registry run by the fiscal host based on the Organization’s and affiliated beneficiary’s tax residency.

  • The request involves signing up for Contributor License Clarification if any affiliated beneficiary makes voluntary contributions after joining the Trust.

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