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Is Learn Fellowship a paid program?

Learn Fellowship is a completely free program for students. We encourage you and others to donate time/money for mentors.

Foundation uses its technical infrastructure, maintains administration costs and costs of mentors, who participate in the Learn Program.

Assistance available:

For students:

Learn Fellowship is "Forever Free" for "students".

Foremost eligibility to qualify for a free learn fellowship is to be a higher studies student in a university.

Please submit a proof of affiliation to an educational institution along with your fellowship application.

Following assistances are available;

A. Grant Assistance: Students applying for a Learn Fellowship can also combine their application with a request for a grant based support.

Grants support work of fellows during the fellowship period. Please read more about how to apply for "Open Research & Development Grant".

B. Sponsorship Assistance: The cost of Learn Program is fully covered by the Foundation, for all approved and eligible student applications.

For Industry Professionals:

Learn Fellowship is a paid program for industry professionals. An industry professional from a "For Profit" fintech company applies for Learn fellowship.

Foundation routinely engages industry veterans to mentor these fellows in the Learn program.

What qualifies as a paid Learn Program?

If the fellowship member is affiliated to a "For Profit" company and uses the skills developed to exploit developed intellectual property, during the Learn program for commercial reasons.

A. Grant Assistance: Individual Project based Grants are available for industry professionals. Read more.

Grant supports work of fellows during the fellowship period.

B. Sponsorship Assistance:

There is no sponsorship assistance for professionals from "For profit" companies.

For the Professionals who come from a verified Non for Profit:

We offer a 100% sponsorship assistance to professionals, who are affiliated to a verified Non for Profit. We have a strict criteria of assessing the assistance on a case to case basis.

Sponsorship Assistance is currently available only for candidates affiliated to Muellners Foundation's Fiscal Hosts or to members of Non for Profits, who are partners in Serenity Program.

African Union (55 member states)

Asia (India, Phillippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh,

Once you have applied for the Learn fellowship and your application has been approved by the Foundation, you can apply either of the two:

a. Grants for the research and development activities or;

b. the sponsorship assistance to cover the Learn program costs.

This Sponsorship assistance is independent of the Grant application. Read more on Open Research & Development grant.

Steps to apply for sponsorship assistance:

  1. Your Learn fellowship application is recieved and approved by the Foundation.

  2. Verify the affiliation of non for profit with a proof of Non for Profit's legal existence.

Following documents of the Non for Profit that you are affiliated to, should be furnished:

a. Certificate of Incorporation of Non for Profit

b. Statutes of the Non for Profit

c. Non for Profit's website and identification of its purpose and a brief presentation of its profile.

Sponsorship assistance covers upto 100% of all costs for the Learn Program fellowship. Based on the information provided, it is at the discretion of the Foundation's Executive board to approve or reject the sponsorship assistance application.

The decision review is further conditional to a confidential Committee Vote, by either of the Steering Committee or a Project's CWC.

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